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Yes Parenting For Happy Families is more than a Membership group.

It is a village.

In a time when we are increasingly isolated as Mamas and the world is increasingly complex, this is a space to gather with like-minded women to experience something extraordinary.

Many parents feel incredibly alone raising their child. It’s not always clear who to turn to when things go wrong or the unexpected happens and you’re facing a brand new parenting challenge.

As a Member of Yes Parenting For Happy Families you have direct access to Bea and her expertise when the unexpected happens or when your daily parenting journey is tough. This is the ONLY place you can receive access to an abundance of daily content, new live videos, webinars and a monthly video series. PLUS Bea holds regular Office Hours during which she is available to you within the group in a live capacity. Not to mention monthly Guest Experts who bring training in a range of different areas. All of this in addition to the tips and techniques Bea shares in her emails and on her business page.

In addition to this you are also surrounded by other Mamas who have often ‘been there, done that’ or simply know how to meet you with empathy and understanding.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that, no matter what twists and turns your parenting journey takes, there is a space in which you are completely accepted without judgment? You can pour out tears or whoop for joy in celebration and you will be heard.

This is the village that is Yes Parenting For Happy Families.

This is more than a Membership Group.

It is a place to come back to yourself, get grounded and move out again feeling renewed. It is a safety net and, for many of the Mamas already thriving in the group, a life-saving space of deep friendship.

Here’s what you can expect from your Membership in Yes Parenting For Happy Families.


•• An extraordinary community of Mamas who are also doing their best to raise children with respect, kindness and compassion, despite so much misunderstanding from friends, relative or partners.

•• LIVE access to coaching with me. I am available at specific times throughout the week, delivering exceptional coaching within a Membership Only Facebook group.

•• Guest Experts to support you in every area of your life – money, eating, body image, mindfulness, conflict resolution, decluttering, self confidence and more!

•• Monthly LIVE webinars exploring a range of topics with Q&A time, plus on-the-spot coaching so that you have practical “how to” teaching to act on.

•• Video training each month to complement the webinar topic so that you can learn exactly what you need to learn at any time.

•• Daily posts to support, encourage, inspire and guide your Yes Parenting journey.

•• An abundance of additional resources – access to worksheets, free guides, and courses to support you no matter how new you are to this wonderful way of raising your children.

•• Reassurance and confidence that you have everything you need, whenever you need it, to help you raise your child to be the glorious human they are here to be.

PLUS! There are no contracts or minimum commitment – if it’s not for you just let me know and we’ll sort it out quickly and easily.


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Monthly Membership



You are worth it!

Your family is worth it.

Once you’ve gone through Paypal you’ll be directed back to this website where you’ll receive the link to the Membership Only Facebook group. If your Paypal name does not match your Facebook name, please email and let us know so we can ensure you receive quick access to the group.

Even if you don’t need this level of support every month, it’s reassuring to know you have it as an insurance plan when you do need it. It’s here when the unexpected happens or when you’re faced with a new parenting challenge. When your child is in meltdown you want to have immediate access to help and support – your brain won’t have the capacity to think rationally because it’s in fight or flight mode.


Pounds Sterling US Dollars
Monthly Membership



I can’t wait for you to join me in this!

Here’s to Happy Families – yours especially!

With love

Bea x