What you resist, persists

Have you ever heard the saying, “What you resist, persists”? This is one of those lessons that the Universe brings me back to time and time again.

I find that when I am most in need of something for my own development, growth, healing, etc., I will, more often than not, resist it. This brings us back to “what we resist, persists”. I find often that the things we need most are also the things that we resist most.

Where are you feeling resistance in your life? It could be resistance around spending time with yourself in meditation or reflection. It could be resistance to self-care or resistance to something going on with your kids. It could be all sorts of, and any number of, things that we find ourselves resisting.

Take a moment to notice where you are feeling resistance in your life. Just let yourself be with it for a moment with no judgement.

Another way to explore resistance is to look at where are you saying no to yourself in your life. Sometimes we say no to ourselves as a way of taking care of ourselves. “No, I don’t want to drink alcohol” or “No, I’m not going to do that additional thing because I need to protect my space”. No as a part of a healthy boundary is a wonderful thing, but where are you saying no because of resistance instead?

I want to invite you into a little experiment with me. Over the next seven days intentionally welcome whatever that thing is that you resist the most into your daily life and give it just a small amount of time.

If your resistance is, for example, to meditation then you’d commit to spending a small amount of time (maybe 10 minutes) welcoming it into your life over the next 7 days.

The idea of this experiment is to make that which you’re resisting manageable for you. I suggested the 10 minutes in my meditation example, but you will know better than I do what the perfect amount of time is for you. Over the next 7 days, I would like you just to notice how you are impacted when you choose to engage as instead of resist.

If this feels like too much, I’d love to talk to you on how I can personally support you on your Yes Parenting journey, please click here.