The Yes Parenting Digital Pack

I am so excited to share my Yes Parenting Digital Pack with you.

It is everything I longed for when I was flailing around working out how to be the kind of parent I wanted to be. The Yes Parenting Digital Package aims to support all parents in finding joy, peace and connection with their children, themselves and other relationships in their life.

You will discover the guiding principles of Yes Parenting, while learning new skills and tools to support you with your real-life parenting challenges as well as developing the skills you already have.

It will help you to create joy, peace and connection with your child all the while supporting you as you tackle the hard stuff head-on, so that you can have the parenting experience you’ve always dreamed of.

The Yes Parenting Digital Pack is full of practical tips and resources that you can immediately implement in everyday life, allowing you to experience a meaningful change in your family.

Yes Parenting supports you throughout your whole parenting journey – from when your child is a baby right through to being a grown-up. You will find everything you need in this one unique package, available for you online at any time, day or night… forever.

It will transform how you relate to being a ‘parent’, whatever that may mean to you, and how you relate to the child in front of you, all at your own pace. There is no rush with Yes Parenting.

What’s Included?

          • 6+ hours of content
          • 77 individual videos, ranging in length from 2-10 minutes
          • Closed caption subtitles
          • Video transcriptions
          • EFT to support you
          • 5 downloadable MP3s
          • Journaling prompts for sections
          • Yes Parenting guiding principles
          • Access to practical tools
            • Parenting expertise from me, Bea Marshall, the founder of Yes Parenting
          • Downloadable graphics with Yes Parenting nuggets to use as reminders in everyday life

    • PLUS! As an epic bonus we’ve added in right at the last minute (and has an annual value of up to £600!) a 60 minute live group Q&A session with me every 90 days for at least the next year.

      A Sneak Peek into the Yes Parenting Digital Pack

      To give you a better idea of what the videos are like, I’m sharing one of the 77 videos that are included. In this video, I share about what Yes Parenting is.

      What’s covered?

      The Yes Parenting Digital Pack lays out the various different principles that form Yes Parenting. It’s broken down into 12 sections, with over 6 hours of content and 77 individual videos to explain how to apply Yes Parenting in your family’s life.

      The videos are fully accessible with captions on all videos, in addition to transcriptions for each one. So, no matter what your learning style is, you’re guaranteed get the most out of this programme.

      It’s neatly structured by section, making it easy to follow, should you choose to use it that way. Or, if you’re like me and want to dip in and out, based on what’s going on in your life right now or the challenges your family is currently facing, you can do that also.

      You will also find 5 downloadable MP3s with visualisations and meditations that can be used as a form of self-care to support you on this journey. They will support you to say Yes to your needs, so that you can help your child in the way that they need.

      This programme meets you exactly where you are as a parent and a human being.

      You may find that at different stages of your child’s life, different parts of the programme are more relevant to your needs at that time. That’s the wonderful thing about Yes Parenting – it’s a philosophy that can see you through the rest of your life as a parent, from caring for a new baby to managing those complex adult relationships with your children. This is the very reason that once you buy the Yes Parenting Digital Pack you have lifetime access for just one affordable payment of £97 or 3 monthly payments of only £39.

      From learning about trusting the process of childhood to learning how to be the change you wish to see in your child, each section offers an opportunity for real transformational experiences in the way your family communicates and interacts with each other.

      I cover practical tips that you can apply to real-life situations, helping you to understand how we, as humans, develop and why we behave the way we do.

      At the end of each section you’ll find journaling prompts to help deepen your parenting transformation. They will give you time to process the ideas and concepts from each section, notice what feelings it may bring up, and discover how the principles might support your family and the ways in which you can start incorporating some of those skills.

      In addition, the Yes Parenting Digital Pack provides EFT to support you in your self-care practices along with downloadable graphics that will give you a visual reference to inspire you on your parenting journey while reminding you of the Yes Parenting principles.

      Another sneak peek

      I wanted to give you an example of just one of the practical tools in the Yes Parenting Digital Pack. This one is called rewind

      Isn’t it just permissive parenting?

      Yes Parenting and permissive parenting are not the same.

      Yes Parenting does not mean allowing your child to do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it.

      I am obviously not advocating that you say Yes to your child running across a busy street or sticking their hand in a fire!

      Instead, Yes Parenting applies a common-sense approach. It’s profound in its simplicity and ability to respond to every unique relationship dynamic between adult to child, adult to adult and child to adult.

      Yes Parenting is about saying Yes to joy peace and connection with your child and creating healthy boundaries that honour both yours and your child’s needs.

      Is it for me?

      Put simply, if you are a parent, the Yes Parenting Digital Pack is for you.

      Whether you’re someone that wants to raise your children respectfully and with compassion but keeps finding that the old habits of punishment and control die hard.

      Or, you are fed up with tears and shouting and have no idea how to do things differently.

      Or, you’re just curious about what Yes Parenting could offer your family, this programme will meet all your needs.

      Affordable pricing

      I know that there are a lot of barriers to accessing the support you may need with parenting challenges and family life. That’s why I have decided to keep the Yes Parenting Digital Pack at a price that makes it as affordable as possible.

      There is no time limit for completing the programme. You will receive lifetime access for just a one-off payment of £97 or 3 monthly payments of £39.

      No time limit means that you can take your time with the programme or gobble it all up and binge-watch while feeding the baby. Whatever works for your life. Dip in when problems arise and get the answers and support you need straight away, around the clock.

      Money-back guarantee

      I am so confident that the Yes Parenting Digital Pack has such outstanding value to each and every family that I am offering a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you buy the course and don’t find it helpful, contact me within 14 days and I will refund you.

      Let’s get started

      So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Just click the Buy Now button below to get immediate access to all the information you will ever need about Yes Parenting. Start transforming your family’s life today.

      Don’t forget for the one off cost of just £97, you can have parenting support at your fingertips day and night. That’s only 27p a day over the course of a year!