The Jane and Bea Show: Episode 5

I love co-hosting with Jane Evans and hope you enjoy our podcast as much as we love recording it. It continues to be the place in which we get to talk about everything and anything that relates to the work she and I do.

In this episode, we explore the topic of consent while navigating the teenage years. 

I am going to start sharing these podcasts with you over the coming months but if you’d like to dive straight in, then go to your android or apple podcast app and search for The Jane and Bea Show. Alternatively you can head to The Jane and Bea Show.

In this episode

  • We talk about how powerful energy is. All humans generate it into the environment which is especially important when we are raising children who can’t understand, or avoid, other people’s energy or intent.
  • We share some tips and resources on how to weave the understanding of consent in your daily life into small things – like simply being comfortable with someone next to us on the sofa.
  • Finally, we share practical tips for children of any age, but especially teenagers, to take any opportunities in daily life to explore consent and respect.

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