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I’m an Intuitive Parenting Coach.

What that means is that I don’t start with a pre-planned notion of the work we’ll do together. I work with you as you are right now. How you feel about yourself, your family, your challenges and struggles, your past and your hopes for the future.

I aso trust that I will know and see the important aspects of what you share, sometimes by seeing what lies unspoken between the words that leave your mouth. It’s this gift that enables me to build incredibly strong relationships of trust with my clients and help them step into wonderful transformations in their families.

Although the challenges we face as parents so often seem to lie at the feet of our kids, the reality is that they tend to start with us. This is beautiful!

You and I work one to one to uncover what’s going on and to lead you into peace, clarity and confidence. If you allow it, this can be a precious and powerful healing journey of inner growth. Our children are our greatest teachers if we’ll let them and I’ll guide you through it.

It’s absolutely rubbish to feel uncertain about how best to handle a situation with your child. Add to that the Mama Guilt that so many of us have become used to and parenting becomes a trial rather than a tribulation.

My goal is to bring you into a place of peace, joy and incredible connection with yourself and your kids.

You’ll discover how simple it can be to say Yes in all sorts of ways and as a result to enjoy fewer arguments, fewer tantrums, fewer cold shoulders and instead laughter, joy and deep relationships.

It doesn’t matter how old your children are – you can work with me at any stage of this amazing adventure.

If you’d like to see whether working with me feels good to you, book a 30 minute FREE Discovery Call. I would love to give you my time so that you can begin to have the family life you dream of.