How to say yes to crazy, out of the blue, impractical ideas

•••• Do you say Yes to ideas, no matter how crazy, out of the blue or impractical they might be?! ••••

Saying Yes to an idea does not mean you then have to go ahead and fulfill said idea. It means opening up to what that idea might offer. When we say Yes, and we open up, it is incredible what magic is able to unfold.

Kids have some awesome ideas. Often completely crazy, out of the blue and impractical. Responding with Yes creates immediate connection and conversation.

Your Yes can be in the form of a question. Let’s say your child asks if you can have a crocodile as a pet (I was once asked how to respond to this on a radio interview). So many parents will respond with a No of some description. They will shut down the idea and with it the imagination, freedom, creativity and opportunity for joy with their child.

Here’s how you can respond with a big, fat YES!, “Wow! What a cool idea. How are we going to do that?”. Then follow the conversation with more Yes responses. Keep opening it up until you are both planning a new colony on the moon where scientists have developed a special juice that tames crocodiles and the government has agreed to offer unlimited funding to enable you to build cities with refugees and develop an economy around crocodiles for pets.

Just a thought 😉