Praise and Testimonials

Praise and Testimonials so that you can have absolute confidence that coaching with me is the right decision for you and your family.


2Working with Bea as a parenting coach is amazing! I shout so much less at my strong-willed, high energy 3 year old. Bea’s insight into my children and our unique family dynamic is uncanny. Her suggestions are always so simple to implement and plug critical gaps in my understanding of each child’s behaviour and individual motivations. I’ve got trained psychologists in my family but Bea is my first port of call for any parenting challenges.

Julie Roberts, UK.

7I had a 4-phone-call coaching program because I felt that I shouted at my children too much. Talking with Bea is easy and comfortable; she non-judgementally helped me to channel my negative evergy. And while I had a list of ways I’d like to be different, Bea showed me how to actually, acheivably, bring those changes about. My husband was away for the summer; when he came back, he said he’d seen a firm improvement in my relationship with the kids. Extremely satisfied.

Liz Buchanan, UK.

9I find Bea to be authentic, credible, creative and very human!  The discussions we have are full of practical suggestions. Bea is always respectful and empathetic and very generous with her time.  Like all the best ways of thinking, her suggestions often seem so obvious that I can’t believe that I didn’t think of them myself!  Overall, Bea inspires me to be a better parent and I feel refreshed and empowered after spending time with her.

Abi Golland, UK

6I find Bea to be a breath of fresh air and offering a totally different perspective for those of us who don’t feel comfortable with mainstream parenting advice. 

Lily Cameron,  UK.


4Working with Bea has made a really positive difference to our family. My husband and I are working together more, as a team, rather than allowing conflict to arise where it doesn’t need to. We are a much calmer and happier family! The biggest impact has been in allowing me to avoid those potential conflicts and bring a more loving, playful approach to solving problems. I really appreciated having a safe space to reflect on what was going on and how I wanted things to change. Bea is a fantastic Parenting Coach, really supportive and helpful. We have made real change in our family. 

Lucy Bishton, UK.

5Bea really helped me to see a difficult situation differently and to find a way of moving away from the negative feelings associated with it.

Liz Dew, UK.

10Imagine opening up your favourite gentle/peaceful/positive parenting book and having it speak to you instead; guide you to a new perspective, and get a breakthrough… This is what it felt like being coached by Bea Marshall!

In less than 45 minutes she unravelled the tangles in my mind and I got clarity on some parenting and family concerns. I felt a weight lift and sense of positivity and empowerment. I’m excited for what the coming weeks hold, now I have clearer outlook.

I can’t recommend Bea’s coaching enough! Her gift of ‘getting to #YesParenting‘ is beyond valuable in any gentle parenting journey. 

Kirsty Soo, Australia.

1Bea was really understanding and listened to my concerns. She helped me to get to the bottom of my worries and to see a way through. I feel much more confident now!

Rebecca Stothard, UK.

3Bea’s advice was very useful. She really made me think about things differently to help find a solution. 

Becky Usher, UK.

8Bea is exceptionally good at helping parents to solve their parenting issues. She enables them to see other approaches and mindsets to help them be better parents.

Marika Walker, UK.