Parenting Without Punishment


A 6 week group coaching program.


Parenting without punishment - A 6 week group coaching program with Bea Marshall | Intuitive parenting coach | EFT practitioner |parenting expert

I was in tears of frustration or exhaustion.  I felt guilty because I felt like I should be doing better.

I felt like I was failing.

I wanted to be happy as a mum and I wanted my children to be happy too.

There was one day when it reached a crisis point for me.  I was desperate.  I had started to consider quite extreme punishments!

I UNDERSTAND what it feels like to be in a complete torrent of rage and feel so angry at a very small child and not know how to get a grip on yourself.

And then I had a lightbulb moment of being able to see that EVERYTHING about the way I had parented to date (and the way conventional parenting promotes itself) was all about fear and control and having power over our children.

I don’t want to have any relationships where one person is trying to have power over another.  And I don’t want fear and control to be part of my relationship with my children. Ever.

I wanted a gentle and respectful relationship with my kids.

But I also didn’t want to be a hands-off parent who is permissive.  I wanted to raise great kids who would be considerate and respectful of others while making positive choices for themselves.

At this time, I felt so ashamed of how I’d been treating my children.

So I looked for another solution.  I read, I listened, I experimented and I tried things out.

I looked for what was bringing us JOY, what was PEACEFUL, what brought us CONNECTION and what made me feel like we were a TEAM.

And I kept saying YES to those things.  That was the beginning of YES Parenting.

The result is both practical and an inner healing journey that starts with you, and changes all of your relationships.

The mums who have been through this journey say it has made them calmer, more confident, more accepting, connected and relaxed, with fewer hurdles and the ability to let go of the need for control and feeling good about that.


Some say they still have the rage, but they feel more equipped to deal with it.

I can help you transform your own relationship with your children in a non-judgemental, compassionate and supportive way.  I’ll show you how to understand what triggers you and recognise it as an opportunity for self-healing instead of a battle with your kids.

I’ll help you escape the fear and control cycle, and create trust and connection instead.

You’ll start to see that every behavior your child demonstrates has good intentions and is meant as a form of communication in the only way they know how. It’s not intended to hurt you or make you angry.  You’ll start to understand how to read these signals and respond to them in a creative and playful way.

I can’t wait to share all this with you,


Nicola Wakeling

“My outlook has changed. I feel more empowered and open minded. I have also been able to recognise the reasons for certain behaviours, both in myself and my children. I loved your honesty and how I feel like you were once like me too! When I’ve read about other parenting experts before, I often think I can’t do it or my kids aren’t like theirs etc. I feel inspired every time with you.”

Nicola Wakeling, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Here’s what we cover during the 6 week program:

Week 1: Reasons NOT to punish.

  • The 4 main reasons why punishment works against you and your child.
  • Why rewards are no different to punishment.
  • How punishent is affecting your relationship with your child.
  • A simple Yes to transform your child’s behaviour.

Week 2: Your Inner Child

  • Exploring what we mean by our Inner Child.
  • How our Inner Child affects our relationship with our child.
  • The important role our parenting plays for our child’s Inner Child.
  • Recognising that our Inner Child is often in the driving seat when we most want to reward or punish.

Week 3: Be The Change

      • Learn a powerful and practical tool that affects your behaviour and your child’s behaviour.
      • Practical responses to whining, bedtime struggles, rudeness, irresponsibility with money, tardiness, food issues and more.
      • Understand why certain aspects of your child really frustrate, annoy and irritate you.
      • Mindset tweaks to have more joy, peace and connection. 
Week 4: Four Responses to ANY behaviour
  • Experience how to transform the times when you are at the end of your tether.
  • Discover how to expand space and time when you are fed up with your child’s behaviour.
  • Why these 4 responses will work with any child in any situation.
  • Learn one word to rapidly diffuse your own strong emotions when you want to punish.

Week 5: An invitation to heal.

  • Understand why trying your hardest is unlikely to be enough to help you be the parent you really want to be.
  • Learn how to let go of the guilt and shame you’ve often felt in your parenting.
  • Receive clear instruction on daily practises that will transform your relatioinship with yourself and with your child.
  • Discover the root cause of all your wounds and how to begin healing them.

Week 6: Playful, positive and fun responses to unwanted behaviour!

  • Discover an abundance of practical solutions to your child’s unwanted behaviour.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety for you and your child.
  • Get inspired about what it means to play with your child no matter their age, or yours!
  • Begin to identify why your adult perspective may actually be the cause of problems with your child and learn how to transform it.

Karen Powell

“I am calmer and more purposeful. I still have rage – but am more equipped to deal with it and speak to the children about it afterwards. You offer coaching that enabled me to find my own solutions as well as handing me practical answers on a plate too.”

Karen Powell, Cirencester, UK


You’ll also get:

2 live Q&A calls
A supportive, inspiring and educational Facebook group
Daily support from me.

And these bonuses:


60 Minute Live Call for Q&A and on-the-spot coaching (only 10 available) - VALUE $125



7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen ebook - VALUE $14.99
(available for everyone)

PLUS! Add on one-to-one coaching

If you want to maximise the healing, growth and transformation that is available to you, take advantage of working with me one-to-one at 50% of my usual rate.

You can add two or six sessions onto the Parenting Without Punishment program when you sign up.

Choose GOLD to add 2 sessions, and PLATINUM to add 6 sessions.

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Parenting without Punishment is currently closed. Registration will re-open in the fall of 2017.

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Heidi Mortlock

“I now have better connection with my child and a calmer home life with less shouting. I learnt a lot about myself and now have tools to deal with parenting challenges.  I also now have a whole online village for support and don’t feel like I am alone.”

Heidi Mortlock, East Sussex, UK


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why would I invest this much money in learning how to do something people have been doing for centuries?
You only get one chance to raise your child and you can muddle through it or grab an opportunity to learn how to have an extraordinary relationship with them.  It’s fine to muddle through it but you’ll likely make the same mistakes your own parents did and you’ll not experience the joy, peace and connection that is possible.  Not to mention your own personal healing and development which will improve your relationships with all the people in your life.
How do I know this works?
This style of parenting has raised children that are successful in society, who maintain wonderful relationships with their parents and who are a pleasure to be around.  I’ve been using this method for 9 years and I’m continuously inspired by how thoughtful, generous and kind my boys are.  We’re a team and it is a joy, everyday, to live with them.
Can my husband join this program too? He needs to be part of this if we're going to change how we parent.
I absolutely agree that it is even better when both parents learn and practice Yes Parenting alongside each other.  However, in order to create a safe space for Mums to be vulnerable, honest and supported, the FB group and the live calls are for Mamas only.  You are welcome, and encouraged, to share the pre-recorded videos and emails with your husband but please refrain from sharing posts from the private group.
I'm busy. How much time does this take?

Short answer: 30 minutes a day

Long answer:  You get out of it what you invest in it.  If you can devote more time across the week that’s wonderful.  If you can’t do 30 minutes in one go, you can split it into 5-10 minute chunks throughout your day although I recommend you set aside 30 minutes to watch the weekly teaching video in one sitting.

What happens if I don't like the program once it has begun?
Unfortunately, due to the digital delivery of this content, we do not offer refunds once the program has begun.
How do I know this will work for me/ what if my child has special needs?

All humans have a broad set of needs that require a different level of input to meet them. Some humans have an additional level of attention and energy needed to ensure their needs are met.  Yes Parenting responds to children as individuals- I don’t believe that there is a cookie cutter approach to parenting that will work for any child. In my work I support many families who have children (or parents) with additional needs. Alongside any existing support you have in place this program will be highly complementary.

If you have any further questions I would love to hear from you. Simply click here and fill out the form to send me a message.

Group coaching offers a hugely affordable way to receive expert input to help you transform your parenting and your relationship with your child. It also ensures you are surrounded by other parents who have similar values to you and who have also made a commitment to raise their children with respect, consideration and kindness

One thing that Bea’s existing clients talk about is her ability to articulate Yes Parenting in a way that makes it accessible and adaptable. Bea is also known for her ability to bring transformation and breakthrough quickly, often with answers that seem so simple but you’ve not found them on your own. 

Charlotte Stanbridge

“You have helped me to open doors and grow on this journey. I have been able to let go of control a lot more in many areas of my life and accepted that I can’t always be in control and that is ok. Thank you so much for everything you have given to me and helped me explore for myself. I would recommend you to anyone!”

Charlotte Stanbridge, Brighton, UK

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Parenting without Punishment is currently closed. Registration will re-open in the fall of 2017.

To become a Parenting without punishment VIP, simply fill out your name and email below and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when registration opens.