Parenting Without Punishment: Tip 1


Do you want to parent without using this approach?

Fear and Control are at the root of every single punishment, reward, consequence or bribe that have ever been used in parenting.

My eldest son was three when I first had this realisation. Once the penny dropped, I had to find a different way. A better way. I don’t want any of my relationships being based on fear and control, no matter how subtle.

Are you fed up with the time and energy you spend following through with punishments and consequences?

Do you wish your child didn’t need a reward to motivate them to behave according to your expectations?

Yesterday I announced my brand new group coaching program: PARENTING WITHOUT PUNISHMENT.

Six weeks of incredible input and support to give you a radical new understanding about your child’s unwanted behaviour and how to respond without punishments or rewards.

Click here to find out more about this 6 week group coaching program that starts on Monday 17th October.

I’d love you to join me!


Click here to watch today’s video tip about fear and control.