Love and hate

Following on from last week’s post, I want to shed some light on this idea of love and hate.

They are both feelings AND actions.

It is absolutely possible to both love and hate someone at the same time. In my role as parent I have known that more intensely than in any other relationship.

I love myself anyway.

Feeling hatred rises up from hurt. Hurting people hurt people and that’s achieved most easily from feelings of hatred.

Keeping these things in the dark gives them power that is immediately diminished when they come into the light.

When you see an adult behaving in an apparently hateful way towards a child don’t assume it means they don’t love them.

Instead open yourself up to acknowledging that something inside them is hurting so deeply that they are now hurting those they love.

Love is big enough, abundant enough and powerful enough to hold each and every one of us in a state of grace and healing.

Take your focus away from your own feelings or actions of hatred, whether past or present, and love yourself despite them.

You are a mother fucking magical being.

You are worthy of love.

You are completely loveable even when you feel full of hatred.

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