Lessons from the sun which didn’t rise.

andyhemingway-image4This morning I drove out to the middle of nowhere, with my dog Coco, to reach a high point of land to best see the sunrise. I wanted to welcome the sun as it greeted me on the other side of the longest night of the year.

My beautiful dog and I walked up, in the dark, onto the moor that leads to Stanage Edge. The wind was mighty and there was no one else around so I shouted and sang at the top of my voice, calling in all the things that I am planning for in my future.

I reached the edge and stood on one of the many large stones. The wind was so strong as it came at me that I could barely hold my ground. I was awestruck by the breathtaking power of nature. Eventually I had to give in to it and allow it to blow me backwards.

Coco and I headed back towards the city so we could watch the sun rise. I had checked with Google (a luxury not afforded to my ancestors) and knew that the sun would rise at 8.15am.

We waited and we watched.

And we waited.

The sun did not rise. The day got lighter and brighter but there was no sign of the sun anywhere. No subtle changes to the colour of the sky and no glow from any particular point.

And as I watched I made a beautiful connection.

I know that the sun did rise. I couldn’t see it but every day the sun rises and then sets again. It is a rhythm as old as the Earth. Because I couldn’t see any evidence of the sun, except for increased light, I had to have faith.

Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you cannot see.

I had hoped for a beautiful sunrise that would have been photo worthy. And I was left with a sun that was invisible.


We need to have faith in childhood.

Our children are growing and developing in exactly the right way. Each child is on their own unique journey and they will ebb and flow as they develop. They will move through seasons of ease and seasons of friction.

I cannot control the sun. It chose to rise behind layers of cloud which meant I could not see it.

I cannot control my child. He grows up in exactly the right way, adjusting here and there in response to the world around him.

I walked back down from the high ground to my car. I was full of faith and fascination. I felt excited about all the development and growing up that is happening all around me despite my inability to always see it clearly.

Although it is invisible it is absolutely present.

Be courageous and have faith that your child is growing up exactly as they should. Get out of their way! You can control your child no more than you can control the sun.

Give yourself permission to flow with the energy of your child’s rhythms and seasons. And rest in your own unique way of being.

Everything is unfolding exactly as it should.


Image courtesy of Andy Hemingway.