The Jane and Bea Show: Episode 2

I am so excited to share episode number 2 of my podcast with you!

I love co-hosting with Jane Evans. We always have such fun together. Our podcast continues to be the place in which we get to talk about everything and anything that relates to the work she and I do. I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

I am going to start sharing these podcasts with you over the coming months but if you’d like to dive straight in, then go to your android or apple podcast app and search for The Jane and Bea Show. Alternatively you can head to The Jane and Bea Show.

In this episode

  • I reflect on how amazing it is when other adults are able to adapt and respond to our child’s specific needs.
  • Together, we discuss and explore the common parenting tools of bribery, incentives and rewards, inspired by Jane’s live debate on ITV’s This Morning show.
  • Finally we share practical tips to support you as you find alternative ways to raise children without breaking your connection.

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