Announcing my new podcast: The Jane and Bea Show

I am so excited to share that I started co-hosting a podcast about 6 months ago.

Jane Evans, a childhood trauma expert, and I release a podcast every two weeks.  In it, we explore all sorts of different topics with one aim in mind – to help you raise children without the impact of your own baggage.

I am going to start sharing these podcasts with you over the coming months but if you’d like to dive straight in, then go to your android or apple podcast app and search for The Jane and Bea Show. Alternatively you can head to The Jane and Bea Show.

Welcome to our first ever podcast!

In our first episode, meet us (Jane and Bea) and learn how we first made contact. We are still very much getting to know each other and we hope we’ll get to know you too. Please do get in touch with questions, comments and suggestions here.

In this episode

  • We explore the importance of knowing how to respond to a child who is self-harming. In response to a video, released by a National charity, we share our trauma-informed opinions and recommendations. We have listed links below for you to easily access the resources we mention.
  • We open up a discussion about trauma, starting with the question, “What is Trauma?”. Understanding how trauma relates to us, our children and the dynamic between us is essential to raising children, whether in a family or professional environment.
  • There are four tips for you in this episode to get you started with making your own changes.


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