Find a Yes

If you don’t take care of your own needs you will very quickly run out of resources to meet the needs of your children.

Prioritise nourishing food, plenty of water, movement (ideally outside), rest and connection.

There will be times when we run on empty in order to find a Yes to our children. If you intentionally meet your own needs every day then you become adept at learning how to ebb and flow in the ever-changing world of raising children.

Finding a Yes to your own needs can also be understood as prioritising self care. Aside from your own needs, a really important reason to do this is to model it to your children.

Many of us push ourselves to the bottom of the pile because no one has ever modeled self care to us and we’re still waiting for permission.

It’s an amazing gift to give to your children, to show them the importance of self care. And as you raise them this way you empower them to be able to prioritise their own self care.

When we don’t meet our needs it will show up in our behaviour and our emotions. Just like it does for our kids.

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