Faith or Fear – which do you choose?

2I recently found myself feeling so excited after scheduling some exciting and important meetings in London with potential Agents. As the meetings approached I noticed that my excitement had rapidly turned to nervousness, even fear. This pattern is not new for me!

I totally forgot about the direct relationship between breath, fear and excitement. Someone once explained to me that fear is simply excitement without breath and vice versa. So when you feel fearful turn your attention to your breath. As you breathe deep into your fear you shift it to excitement – it’s the reason roller coasters are so thrilling! You hold your breath as you hang at the top feeling petrified and then the roller coaster release, you begin to breathe and your body floods with excitement.

So I forgot to breathe.

I did go for an EFT session with my supervisor. As an EFT practitioner, weekly sessions are a vital part of taking care of my own inner work while also investing in continued professional development.

During my EFT session I discovered from the depths of my subconscious that I run a program that tells me that something bad will happen if I go on an exciting adventure. I can look at my life and see exactly why I run this program – there is evidence to support it even though that evidence is out of context for most of my life.


Here is one way to view fear. F.E.A.R –  False Evidence Appearing Real.

A quick Google search also brings up other ways of reading F.E.A.R:

Forget Everything And Run

Face Everything And Rise

By the end of my EFT session I was able to see my nervousness and fear as friends. They are helping me to stay safe – their intention is good but that doesn’t mean I have to take their advice.

Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are all layers of a bigger picture. As we deal with each single layer we open up space for a new layer to reveal itself. I think of this a little bit like the mechanisms on supermarket shelves – you take an item out and all the remaining items spring forwards so the shelf always appears fully stocked.

Perhaps this is why we sometimes think we’re not getting anywhere with our inner healing – as new layers come to the fore to replace a previously cleared aspect it seems as though the shelf (of the issue) is fully stocked.

By the time it came to my London meetings I was actually resorting to fantasies about breaking my leg so I wouldn’t have to go. I haven’t done this since I was a teenager and dreaded an exam I hadn’t done the work for!

Roll on meeting no.1. Oh. My. Goodness.

It was amazing – it flowed with bubbling positivity and warmth. I felt seen in such a clear way and so enjoyed talking with someone who genuinely wanted to understand more about me and Yes Parenting.

All my fears had been about not being good enough. I feared rejection or that I would mess up. I put a lot of energy into these thoughts just because they were in my head and I found it hard to shift them. Isn’t it interesting how fear lures us in so successfully?

There is always another option to fear.

We can choose faith – being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see. Today I am going into the second of these exciting meetings and I am full of faith. I am breathing into the whole experience and I am excited.


I am choosing to believe that she will love me, that she will be inspired by me and will want to work with me. I am hoping for free-flowing conversation and laughter. In my mind I am visualising open body language, interesting questions, articulate answers and everything falling into place exactly how it needs to.

It isn’t always easy to choose faith over fear.

It often requires us to do inner work to bring healing to the reasons our subconscious is running the fearful programs. But it is always worth it.

If you want my help to overcome an area of your life that is affected by fear, schedule a free session. I would love to find a way to help and support you.

Bea x