Every child is just trying to make their world right

Find a fresh perspective on your child’s behaviour.

All behaviour is communication. It doesn’t need a label so using one such as naughty, attention-seeking, over the top, good behaviour, best behaviour, bad behaviour; disconnects you from the human in front of you who is doing their best to navigate life with whatever level of development they’re at and with the resources available.

Our children are always doing their best. What that looks like can change depending on what’s going on for them. Just like it can for you.

No matter what behaviour your child is using to communicate, you can have confidence that they are just trying to make their world right. Which means that somewhere their world seems wrong. Maybe it’s hunger, maybe it’s disappointment or maybe it’s a sense of rejection or maybe it’s the many things in between.

One thing is certain – you can trust your child. Trust that they are doing their best. Trust that their behaviour has a positive intention. Trust that they are trying to find a Yes to Joy, peace and connection.

As we notice our child’s behaviour from a fresh perspective we are more able to find a Yes to whatever is going on. And in doing so we help our child to make their world right, restoring the joy, peace and connection that seems lost.

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