Every Child Has an Instinctive Desire to Be an Awesome Human Being

14322760_10153697869710653_3030947047471981546_nWhen and why did parenting become a process of trying to teach our children how to be a good human being?

What led us to think that we had to control or manage our children’s behaviour in order for them to grow up successfully?

Why did we stop trusting the process of childhood and the uniqueness of each human we bring into the world?

How did our attention land on behaviour having a negative, rather than positive, intention?

And where on earth did we ever get this idea that fear was a good idea to raise great humans?

Every child desires to be successful in the society they are part of. They desire to fit in, to understand, to have friends, to contribute meaningfully, to help, to serve, to love.

When we say Yes to this instinctive desire in our children we say Yes to an abundance of joy, peace and connection.