You are enough

Just in case no one has told you today, I want you to know that you are enough, exactly as you are.

We have such high expectations of ourselves. We have such high expectations of our children. We might have high expectations of others. Combining these expectations with the perpetual use of the word “should”, we find ourselves further and further away from the truth that we are enough, that our children are enough. Where you are, today, in this moment is enough.

How does it feel for you to say Yes to this truth for yourself? Repeat it with me, “I am enough”.

Even if the laundry is stacking up in your house or the sink is overflowing with dishes. Even if you missed an important appointment or ran out of food again. Even if you ended up yelling at your kids or you totally missed something that they were trying really hard to communicate with you… Say it with me once again, “I am enough. I am enough”.

How does it feel for you to say Yes to this truth for your children? My child is enough. Right now, who they are with whatever behaviours they’re presenting, with whatever development they have or haven’t achieved yet, my child is enough. How does that affect you?

Do you find yourself expanding and opening up to new possibilities when you sit with this idea that you are enough, that your child is enough? I find this truth especially important when choosing an unconventional and different way of parenting which is still very much the exception and not the norm.

I know that we all aspire to live more in the best way possible for us and while I find that a worthy aspiration, we also need to remember to extend grace to ourselves. When we come to that gentle, accepting place of offering ourselves grace and accepting ourselves for who we are, right where we’re at, we often find ourselves moving into the experiences that we desire.

Let’s consider where we need to strip our expectations of ourselves and our children back a little. How can we flow into ease, connection, joy and peace simply by saying Yes to ourselves and our children as being enough? What does that look like for you today? What does that look like for you moving forward? No matter what is going on, remember this truth: “I am enough. My child is enough”.

When you reflected on what you desire, did you notice that you wish you had a deeply connected group of supportive friends with whom you could share your vulnerability as a parent? Or maybe you just wanted on-tap support and advice for the shitty times that show up in parenting, marriage and life. If you’d like more information on how I can personally support you on your Yes Parenting journey, please click here.