Embrace the Benefits

When I work one to one with my clients I use a magical process called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT is also know as Tapping. It is gentle and yet powerful.

EFT can help us with every area of our lives – anything that causes physical, mental or emotional discomfort.

Here’s a quick explanation of how EFT works.

Humans are perfectly imperfect. We go through life experiencing ups and downs and having to deal with lots of different situations. Some of these situations are challenging and we can have an emotional, physical and mental response to them.

When we have a physiological response, combined with an emotional or mental response, it is known as trauma.

Sometimes we process this quickly and easily and there is not traumatic impact on us moving forwards. The nature of life means that we often don’t do this processing and so the trauma remains in our body and we are brilliant at carrying on anyway.

This trauma can also be thought of as energy that has got stuck in us. It wants to move again and will try to do this in lots of ways. This is why, when you have an experience that echoes a traumatic event from your past, you still get that tight knot in your tummy.

EFT gets this stuck energy moving so it can clear out any trauma that has been living in us, sometimes since we were very small.

Once the energy gets moving we begin to experience significant shifts in many areas of our lives.

Embrace The Benefits uses EFT, in a group setting, to shift the energy around a specific topic. Please see below for upcoming sessions that you can sign up for. I love to do this work – it has changed my life, my clients’ lives and it can change your life too.

In addition to the live event, you will also receive immediate access to a video I’ve made to give you a hands on demonstration. You can watch this at any time.

Each Embrace The Benefits live event is only £25.


Upcoming Events:


18th May at 7pm GMT / 2pm EST

This is for you if you feel anxious, frustrated or scared about your money situation. It is horrible to not have enough money and to worry about how you might pay the bills.

There are so many reasons we don’t have the relationship with money that we want. It isn’t simply about working harder or bringing in more clients (although those things can help).

Join me to clear out the stuck energy that is getting in the way of you feeling great about money. At the end of this session you are likely to feel calmer, confident and more relaxed about your money. You may even notice you are thinking differently about money too!