Conversations from the Village: Part 3

This is the last video in our Yes Mamas video series. You are going to love this one!

Come and join me and 3 of the amazing Mamas from the Yes Mamas Village as we wax lyrical about the challenges we face and how our imperfections are helping us to grow as women, parents and all round amazing human beings.

This video really is the good stuff, it’s full of so many magical little nuggets for you to absorb. You could watch this video again and again (and I encourage you to do so) and you will receive something different from it each time. This is a video not to be missed!

    • We discuss how the Yes Parenting principles have provided us with a varied toolbox of resources, that uniquely equip each of us to cope with life’s challenges.
    • We share our thoughts on setting boundaries from a place of love and good intention, and how self care has played a key part in connecting with our children, partners and everyone we meet.
  • The Mamas open up about what the Yes Mamas Village means to them and how it has transformed their lives for the better.

If you are looking for a ray of sunlight in the darkness, as Nic puts it, then come and sit with us as we share, laugh and admit that we aren’t perfect and don’t always get it right – we are just like you!

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