Conversations from the Village: Part 2

The Yes Mamas Village welcomes all women who parent, whether you are a Mama just starting out on your journey to conception, a Mama who has children from birth to adult, a Mama who looks after other people’s children, Mamas who are now Grandma, Nana, Granny or Noonoo. Yes Mamas is a village that helps us raise our children and live the lives we dream of.

Today I’m introducing you to Laura, who is a home educating Mum of two girls, one of whom happens to be on the autistic spectrum. Laura shares with us the journey she has taken from being a parent who used praise and reward to control children to discovering Yes Parenting and choosing to pursue peace, joy and connection. Listen as she explains how the Yes Mamas Village has provided a place like no other, where you can show up as your true self and get support without any judgement. A place where you can share the joy in your life. Laura shares how the Yes Mamas Village has transformed her life and led to new opportunities.

At this time, Yes Mamas is no longer receiving new members. For more information on how you can work with me, please click here.