Conversations from the Village: Part 1

The women in my Yes Mamas Village are so inspirational. Today I want to introduce you Nic, who is not only a single parent to two wonderfully energetic boys, she is also an entrepreneur running two successful businesses.

Nic didn’t always see the benefit of Yes Parenting – she thought the idea was bonkers! Nic also admits that before she had children she wasn’t their biggest fan. Listen to her as she talks about how her experience in the Yes Mamas Village has turned her life around, led her to relish the time she has with her own kids and also turned her into a bit of a child magnet at the playground!

Come along on Nic’s journey to see how she went from being so scared of being judged that she couldn’t share any of her thoughts with friends and family, to finding a safe place in the Yes Mamas Village where she often helps others with her amazing insight.

Nic is honest, candid and so much fun – you are going to like her alot!

Watch it now to learn more about how Nic discovered that self care is one of the keys to transforming all the areas in your life.

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