Conversations from the Village: Part 1

I am so excited to be able to share this incredible video series with you. I’ve never before given you the opportunity to take a peek inside our Yes Mamas Village, but there are so many amazing and inspirational women in there, that I just had to share their wisdom, and experience, with you.

These magnificent Mamas always leave me inspired and with a heart full of joy that the Yes Mamas Village is providing women all over the world with a place of community, safety, growth, healing and empowerment.

Yes Mamas is teaching women to:

  • Understand the essence of who they are as women
  • Give themselves permission to make their own wellbeing a priority
  • Respond with love to their own and others’ needs
  • Ask for and receive support
  • Create healthy boundaries that enhance their life
  • Successfully connect with their child and parent in the way they always dreamed of
  • Discover the power of Yes
  • Plus so much more!

Today is the first interview of the Yes Mamas series. This video series has been developed just for you and I know you are going to love our first Yes Mama, Clare. Clare is is a super busy Mamma, home educating 2 teenagers and a 9 year old, plus a household full of adorable animals!

It was so magical to hear Clare talk about how being part of the group has led her on a journey to loving herself. How she has gone from someone who always put herself last in the pecking order, to a woman who is confident in recognising and meeting her own self care needs.

This video is full of inspirational nuggets that you can take away with you – you are going to love it!


If you’d like to experience the support and community of like-minded Mamas that Clare talks about firsthand, make sure to join the VIP wait list for the Yes Mamas Village.