Choose joy, peace and connection

Every now and then I get stuck as a parent. The controlling, fearful parenting response rises up in me faster than a compassionate and kind response.

I believe that there is always a Yes in every situation with our kids. And with ourselves.

When we can’t see the Yes we are looking for, the simplest thing to do is choose a Yes to Joy, peace and connection.

That will look different in every situation but it will always be a better choice than reverting to control and fear-based parenting.

I recently shared this quote, “The path to being the parent you want to be is an emotional, not a practical one.”

When we find a Yes to Joy, peace and connection we engage with the emotional path (as well as the practical one often). We will see where we have some inner work to do for ourselves while also ensuring our experience with our kids, and their experience with us, is expansive and not contracting.

Let’s choose more and more joy, peace and connection!

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