I have always wanted to be a Mum. 

When my eldest son was born I planned to trust my instincts and to trust my baby.

Very quickly I found myself questioning if I was doing things right. The many voices from family, friends, media, health visitors and others led me to lose trust in myself.

Supernanny came to the rescue with her clear rules and techniques. She promised compliant and happy children and relaxed, ordered parenting. This was exactly what I wanted.

Except it didn’t work.

My beautiful and sensitive first-born became increasingly distant. He was far from compliant and often looked confused, especially with the combination of time outs and reward charts.

I wasn’t happy either. I found myself losing my temper more frequently, drinking cups of tea with friends and pouring out my struggles as a Mum.

This was not how I imagined it was going to be.

Family life was meant to be fun, full of love and adventures, snuggles and intimacy.

Just before my eldest turned three and my youngest was 18 months old, I had a single week that led to everything changing. Three different situations led me to rapidly re-think my whole approach to parenting.

I ditched Supernanny and focused on connection.

I said Goodbye to Reward Charts and Time Out and focused on spending time with my sons, being present with them physically, mentally and emotionally.

I began to listen to my instincts again.

This was the start of my Yes Parenting journey.

Saying Yes to myself and to my children has been profoundly powerful.

We have an extraordinary bond that is rooted deeply into connection, joy and peace. We sail through disagreements and differences with ease. Raised voices are a rarity, except when the games we play involve hollering and whooping!

Yes Parenting can be put as simply as parenting with unexpected kindness.

Every behaviour has a positive intention.

Saying Yes to your own needs is the first step to being able to fully meet the needs of your children.

You absolutely can trust your children. They long to grow up as successful members of their society.

My passion is to help amazing Mamas, balancing the complex demands of modern life, to have an extraordinary relationship with their children.

It really is possible to raise wonderful children without spending time and energy on discipline and coercion. I can help you do this through inspirational coaching and sharing practical approaches that you can implement with ease.

My coaching is so effective that I also work with individuals with, and without, children on various areas of their lives. These include career, love life and relationships, fitness and mental health. Get in touch for a chat if you’d like to find out more.

The years I’ve spent developing Yes Parenting mean that you can experience this shift within a few short weeks. Coaching is hands down the best way to invest in your family. This is the most important job any of us will ever do and I’m here to help you be your best.

If you had a magic wand, what would you change in your family? Contact me and let me know.

Bea x

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Bea Marshall Parenting Coach and Client